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LivOn Productions produces impactful content across a range of platforms including feature length productions, transmedia stories and web series. We are currently also developing several TV series and virtual reality (VR) projects. Basically, we look for amazing stories to tell and find the most compelling medium to fit the story.

We also offer transmedia training, delivered to your company or organization in any country around the world via our acclaimed training brand Transmedia Next.

In addition, we produce content for and host a proprietary basketball scouting platform in collaboration with LivOn Basketball, with an emphasis on identifying and promoting the stars of tomorrow.  

The principals of LivOn Productions are Randy Livingston and Anita Ondine. 

Please email your queries to: info@livonproductions.com

Phone: +44 20 7193 5498 (UK) or +61 428 419 720 (AUS)

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